Safety Information

Safety Information for All Cleanup Routes – EVERYONE READ!

We want everyone to have a safe and gratifying experience while you help cleanup your Russian River! It is important to be aware of common safety issues involved with the handling and removal of trash in and near our River, Creeks, and Beaches.

Your team Leader will review important Safety Information at your location, please listen!

No one should be working alone. Work in pairs or with a team.

Please Check –Out with your Team Leader so we know you aren’t lost or injured!


Things everyone may encounter and will at all times need to be aware are:


Trips and Falls

(due to slippery, wet conditions, steep slopes, uneven ground, rocks, tree roots, heavy brush, etc.


Poison Oak/Thickets of Blackberry Bushes

Bee stings/Ticks

Broken glass, sharp metal and heavy water logged items.

Sun exposure and possible dehydration

If you are injured report to your Team Leader, they will have a 1st Aide Kit to treat you.

Hazardous materials: Do not attempt to handle any of the hazardous materials listed below on your own. These materials need to be taken to special processing facilities using special handling protocols, notify your Team Leader if found so it can be handled properly!


Auto/Marine Batteries, Containers and Drums that may contain chemicals/waste, Syringes and other biohazard wastes, heavy appliances and household furnishings, items that are dug into the river banks or river beds and cannot be easily removed.


Gas cans, aerosol cans, and other containers with or without volatile materials or chemical residues, Live ammunition or explosives


Before you leave for the day:


Please Check Out with your Team Leader before leaving so we know you aren’t lost or injured!

Please turn in gloves, pick-up-tools, un-used bags and other gear to your team leader

Thanks for volunteering for the Russian River Watershed Cleanup and being SAFE!

Help clean up our river with the Russian River Watershed Cleanup!