Russian River Watershed Cleanup: saturday, September 17, 2022

Click HERE to register for this year’s RRWCD. We are very excited to be back this Fall with you, our favorite river stewardship volunteers!  Save the Date of the morning of Saturday, September 17, 2022.  We will have several locations available for you to sign up and clean up.

We also encourage individuals and family groups to perform their own cleanup at their favorite river spot, and post results on the Russian River Watershed Cleanup Facebook page.  Use #russianriverkeepercleanteam to help us gather important data on what we are removing from our watershed.  It is so important to remove this trash before it gets washed out to sea in the coming rainy season.  Thank you for your help!  For more information, visit the Russian Riverkeeper website.


A recap of some of our previous cleanups: 

In 2021, we had over 350 volunteers that collectively removed more than 12,000 lbs of garbage over a single day. In 2020, For COVID-19 safety reasons, we formed solo and small group cleanups all month long.

At the 2019 Russian River Watershed Cleanup we had a total of 452 volunteers that collectively removed 31,899 lbs of garbage from the Russian River watershed! That is not including the weight of e-waste and CRV materials that were separated out.  This averages over 70 lbs of trash removed per person!  In addition, volunteers also removed and properly disposed of 199 tires!  Here are some specific weights by category:   Propane cylinders: 379 lbs.         Metals: 1,460 lbs.       Tires: 3,500 lbs.


Our 2019 Sponsors:

Help clean up our river with the Russian River Watershed Cleanup!