Frequently Asked Questions

What do I bring?

Please bring the following:

Shoes that cover your feet
Hat or head covering
Bandages in a plastic bag (in the event of small cuts)
Gloves (optional as we will provide)
Snack or lunch
Something to tie in coolers or backpacks if you are in a canoe or boat

Most importantly, your enthusiasm for the day’s event. We thrive on positive energy!

TIP: DO NOT bring anything that could get damaged – like your jewelry, MP3 player, or cell phone!
What should I not bring?

Please do not bring any electronics on the river; this includes remote key access to cars. Disposable cameras are OK; but they should be put in water tight bags.

What do I wear?

Please wear old rugged clothing. Shoes should protect your feet especially if you plan to wade in the river to pull out trash. DO NOT wear sandals or flips-flops. Old sneakers work well for the people in canoes. If you plan to walk on shore, please make sure that your footwear is supportive and protective.

Where do I meet?

There are three meeting places: Healdsburg Park and Ride on Healdsburg Avenue, Mirabel Park and Ride lot, and Johnson’s Beach in Guerneville. Where you meet is dependent on which route of the river you are assigned to. You will be sent an e-mail reminder which will tell you at which of the three locations to meet. See Map & Directions.

Is lunch provided?

Lunch is not provided.

Is it okay to bring alcoholic beverages?

No! We are strict that no alcoholic beverages be consumed when participating in the Russian River Watershed Cleanup .

What will be provided when I get to the event?

We will provide gloves and bags for the trash, and a snack at the meeting place.

How long should I expect be at the event?

The estimated time range is about three hours at most beaches to approximately six hours on the longer canoe runs.

People on canoe runs will be given rides back to their cars.

What happens at check-in on the day of the cleanup?

You will meet at your assigned location (either Healdsburg, Mirabel or Guerneville), complete a waiver (if not already completed) and turn it in. Everyone will be given gloves and trash bags.

If you are on a canoe route, you will meet with the leader of your route. Shuttles are provided to and from some put-in locations.

There will be a general meeting for all participants, then a specific meeting for participants cleaning up beaches.

Expect to work hard, have fun and get dirty!

Are life jackets provided?

Yes, life jackets are provided and are mandatory on the river.

How old do you have to be to paddle a canoe?

If you can pick up garbage, you can participate. We have had the wonderful opportunity to have several classes from area grade schools participate in the cleanup.

However, we require that anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Where does the trash go?

Some of our volunteers return on Sunday to sort through Saturday’s collection. Glass, plastic, aluminum, tires and other scrap metal are reclaimed for recycling. All remaining refuse is loaded onto volunteer vehicles and disposed of at a local landfill.

Help clean up our river with the Russian River Watershed Cleanup!